Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue

Help Us Help Them

Responsible Fishing - Recycle Monofilament LineThe islands of the Florida Keys are known as “paradise” for residents and visitors alike. Many of these islands are permanent homes for thousands of people as well as being a vacation destination for millions more. In fact, this “paradise” is fraught with danger for animals, especially since the islands are small, thus concentrating every hazard.

Automotive Maintenance

Antifreeze from cars of “northern” visitors pools in parking lots; this sweet, poisonous liquid pollutes the limited fresh water available to all species as well as attracting many who love the taste. Pity the raccoon, Key deer, dog, cat, dove, gull, or other animal life looking for a refreshing drink of water. Antifreeze kills. Please monitor your vehicle for antifreeze leaks. Wash away any pooled antifreeze in your driveway or any other place you find it.

Keep the Keys Clean

Trash abounds, especially along the shorelines, thanks to sunbathers and boaters; mammals have been found dead with their heads caught in jars, and birds have died entangled in monofilament fishing line. Properly dispose of all trash. Take the extra step to contain discarded fishing line when placing in trash receptacles. Place plastic bags in plastic bag recycling stations, located at most grocery stores. Winn-Dixie, located at the Big Pine Plaza, has a station outside their entrance.

Responsible Fishing

The Florida Keys are a premier fishing area. Unfortunately, improperly discarded monofilament is responsible for the deaths and maiming of land and water birds, manatees, sea turtles, and other marine life as well as disabling some land-based animals. Entangled in this fishing line, they suffer by the hundreds, probably thousands, every year.

In 2002, FKWR placed the first monofilament recycling container station in the Florida Keys at No Name Key Bridge. Our work led directly to the staff of the Florida Overseas Heritage Trail deciding to place containers along the “trail,” every fishing bridge along 120- mile US 1 in the Florida Keys.

Provisions for proper disposal of fishing line, whether bins outside or containers inside businesses, are widespread now. Use them. If you are unable to find any, cut your line into 4-inch pieces before discarding it in a trash receptacle.

Slow Down

Speeders in automobiles and boats kill all sorts of animal and marine life. Obey speed limits and scan the roadside and waterways for wildlife.

Respect Life

Bored children, teens, and even adults use birds, reptiles, and mammals for target practice, the majority using BB guns, some 22’s.

Be Generous

Time, money, and supplies are extremely scarce at FKWR yet extremely necessary for the care of our wildlife. Donate or volunteer to “help us help them.”