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Marine Debris Cleanup

Environmental degradation affects all species of wildlife, causing needless injury and death.  Only a small percentage of wildlife rescued by Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue (FKWR) are victims of nature; the majority suffer preventable injuries caused by human behavior.  In the limited land mass of the Florida Keys, the predominant victims are wild birds, both native and migratory, but mammals, reptiles, and amphibians are victims as well, and marine species in surrounding waters fare no better.  The mission of FKWR is to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife, to discover and mitigate the sources of their problems, and to educate the public about the importance of respecting all life and keeping the environment safe and clean, both now and for future generations .FKWR is dedicated to teaching our community, children, and tourists to care for and about the environment.  We believe that people are most strongly influenced by what they can see, hear, and experience.  FKWR strives to teach people that our world’s most valuable treasures are in their hands, and that everyday actions, even ones that seem small, actually can make a difference.  For every person who acknowledges that his or her actions may be detrimental to wildlife, the environment will benefit as there will be less trash, less pollution, thriving wildlife, and a better world for people.

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