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Southernmost Coconut Castaways Club, the OFFICIAL “Friend Club” of Howard Livingston & The MM24 Band, will have their next monthly social, called a “Jump Up”, Saturday, May 18th, from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. at The Wharf Bar & Grill in Summerland Key!

Members AND Non-Members are encouraged to come for food & drink specials, music, raffles, give-aways, prizes, and FUNDRAISING for this benefit for The Wildlife Rescue!

Representatives from The Wildlife Rescue will be there as well as club members with info on the club, club merchandise, etc.

More info? Check out www.SouthernmostCoconutCastaways.com

See you at the all new outside bar at The Wharf Bar & Grill!!


Paul Totman and Stuart Garrison 2007 Animal Heros.

Paul Totman and Stuart Garrison of Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue, Inc., were honored as Animal Heros for 2007 on March 26, 2007, at the Sixth Annual Animal Heros banquet held by Stand Up For Animals in Marathon, FL.

Paul, Vice President of Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue (FKWR), has been instrumental in supplying operating funds for FKWR since it’s inception in 2000 by serving overseas in the U.S. Navy until he retired in January 2007. Through foreign service incentives, he was able to provide additional funds to the operation, even though it meant being away from his home and wife, Maya, for years. This was a sacrifice the couple choose to make in order to help wildlife in the Florida Keys. While overseas, Paul used his leave to return to the Keys when hurricanes were an imminent threat to the facility. While home, he spent his time making repairs and helping with rescue and rehabilitation. Paul’s last tour of duty was in Iraq where he was wounded three times, the third being the deciding factor in retiring. Now, he works a full time job and spends his “spare” time working at the facility.

Stuart Garrison has been a steadfast volunteer at FKWR since its inception. In addition to helping with rescues and working at the facility, he has been the primary photographer during rescue/release operations, responsible for the many pictures on this web site and in local newspapers. He participated in many environmental restoration and cleanup activities through the years as well as assisting in educational activities at various venues including the Marathon Seafood Festival, Earth Day celebrations, and Boy/Girl Scout camps. When hurricanes threaten, Stu is always available to help with securing the facility and relocating its patients to safe areas. His dedication to wildlife and the environment is paramount in his life.

Storm Damage

Storm-surge flooding during Wilma in November 2005. The van to the left is closest to the road; the van to the right is closer to the facility and gives an indication of the level of water which invaded the offices, hospital, recovery areas, and outdoor recovery facilities. As is ususal during hurricane threats, all ‘patients’ had been relocated to higher floors, so there was no loss of life.

Another hurricane-threat precaution is to place equipment and supplies as high as possible so that should flooding occur, these will be spared. Unfortunately, the surge was so high and violent that it toppled tables, stands, cabinets, and bookcases as well as destroying refrigerators and freezers too heavy to be moved.

When the Keys flood and habitat is destroyed, wildlife has no other place to go. They cannot migrate ‘inland’ as in other parts of the U.S. because there is no ‘inland.’ They must make do with what is left and wait for the environment to recover. Unfortunately, this takes months, but wildlife cannot wait months to eat and drink. Thus our trials began – continue to care for wildlife and conduct our educational activities with minimal equipment and support. (See Annual Report for details.)