Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue

Thank You

Black Skimmer at Dr Haris

Our great appreciation goes to our veterinarian Don J Harris our feathered veterinarian since year 2000 could not do it without you , thank you from  all our volunteers at Florida Keys Wildlife Rescue and our furry and feathered friends.

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We exist to care for those who iq option need special attention and to ease their suffering as soon as possible. We exist to speak for those who cannot speak.

We treat over 1,000 disabled wild patients in our hospital and recovery facility every year. The majority suffer preventable injuries caused by human behavior such as pollution, habitat encroachment, feeding of incompatible foods, and deliberate maiming.

We teach children and adults to respect all animal life and the environment. Programs are conducted in schools and with youth groups, both local and visiting, and presentations are made at numerous meetings and public festivals.

FKWR is a fully licensed 501(C)(3) organization with all the necessary government licenses and permits.